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Unblock Your Power!




Hi, I'm Xavier. 

Resilience & Mindset Coach, Author,

Dad, and International Speaker

I was once stuck.  However, by working with a coach, I realized that my unhappiness was being caused by the limitations of my mind. 

My coach taught me how to own my power and train my mind to attract success outcomes.  Within six weeks of our first session, I secured an exciting job, earned a better title, and started making $1000+ more per month. And, I was working fewer hours per week, which gave me more time to spend with my family.

I was happier, more confident, and I began my journey in helping others who are feeling stuck as well. If you are ready to experience a positive change in your life, I can help, so that you never feel stuck again!

Do your goals and dreams feel out of reach?


Are you feeling directionless or lacking a sense of purpose?


Do you feel trapped in a never-ending cycle of defeat?

Do you feel stuck?


Here's a little secret.

Greatness is still there.

It's just blocked.

Become a

success story today! 

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"Xavier is the truth. He's a good man and has a great mind for this content. He has helped me a lot and allowed me to develop stronger as a professional.  If you need help achieving your goals - no matter if you are in high school, college, or already in the professional world - take advantage of his golden opportunities!"


Angel Palacios

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Emily Strong.jpg

"Working with Xavier was an amazing experience! I came to him feeling stuck and undervalued in many dimensions, and with his support, I was able to manifest upleveling in both my career and my life! So appreciative of him always believing it's possible!"

Emily Strong

Graduate Recruiter


"Xavier walked me through a life-changing exercise that allowed me to realize why I was attracting toxic experiences and taught me how to remove them. Shedding this weight off my shoulders allowed me to focus on the most important things in life.  I am now happily married, have two beautiful kids, and have stability in my life."

Dalila Nichols

Full-Time Mom


"I highly recommend Xavier as a life and career coach. In our work together focusing on finding balance in my career and personal relationships, he has provided me the means, methods and resources to be successful. Xavier has increased my self-awareness toward my objectives and enabled my exponential internal growth. It was the best decision I ever made." 

Michael Compean

Digital Storyteller


“Xavier was an absolute pleasure to work with.  His coaching sessions have helped me understand myself more clearly. He has the unique ability to connect with his clients and help them get past their mental blocks that are keeping them from accomplishing their dreams. I am a better business owner and manager because of this.  I cannot recommend him enough!"

Nelly Garcia

Forbes 30 Under 30

Owner of Rocheli Patisserie

Korey Wallace.jpg

"The exercises Xavier shared with me helped me develop as a professional.  He provided me with the tools needed to channel my energy and my spirit to truly manifest better situations in my life.  His methods allowed me to identify the true root causes of my problems; the actual source, not the symptoms, and helped provide direction toward solutions and away from self-sabotage."

Korey Wallace 
Technical Technologies Consultant


Learn how to become unstuck.

Learn the secret to unblock your power and create the success and happiness you deserve.


Unblock Your Power Through The C.A.N.O. Method™

6-week program


Are you a professional feeling "stuck" or “trapped” in your current situation? In this program, we will use The C.A.N.O. Method™ to identify and remove the mental blocks that are hindering your professional life, and the goal is to set you up to reach your ultimate potential!  Every person is unique and sessions will be structured to meet the client’s specific needs and goals.  


  • Week 1:  C (Confirm your truth.) – Limiting or false beliefs can cause you to become stuck. For example, it wasn’t until my late thirties that I realized that I had a limiting belief that "money was bad."  This was the reason I was not making my desired income. Through coaching, I realized that when I was young, close relatives emphasized frequently that wanting money was bad. I didn't realize I had internalized this. It wasn’t until I removed this false belief that my salary increased exponentially. During week 1, you will identify your limiting beliefs and remove them so that you can confirm the truth that has always existed within you.

  • Week 2:  A (Address your negative emotions and negative thinking patterns.) – If you are waking up every morning thinking about someone who hurt you or if you are constantly putting yourself down and telling yourself that you are not good enough, you are blocking your energy from going to a place of success. This can cause you to become stuck. During week 2, you will identify and remove your negative emotions and learn how to recognize and stop negative thinking patterns so that you position yourself for a happier and successful life.

  • Weeks 3 and 4:  N (Nail down your desires.)  You cannot be, do, or have if you are not 100% clear about what you want. Being 99% sure is the same thing as not knowing what you want.  Not being 100% clear can cause you to become stuck. During week 3, we will get clear on your goals.  And, you will learn how to manifest more money and better circumstances through the power of structuring your goals as time-bound decisions.  Also, if you are open to the concept of quantum physics, I will show you how your decisions have the ability to interact with matter (your physical environment).

  • Weeks 5 and 6:  O (Optimize your actions.) – Once you are clear about your goals, it is time to take action. You will learn various techniques for incorporating action into your life. We will also spend time checking if there are additional blocks keeping those actions from taking place. Finally, if you need additional help with securing a new role, please see the section below on the career coaching packages.

  • Each session will be private (One-on-One) with Xavier Cano, will last 90 minutes each, and will be facilitated through Zoom. You will have six 90-min sessions with Xavier Cano during the 6-week program.

  • This program is not for you if you do not have at least 2 to 3 hours to commit per week during and outside of sessions, are not open to new ideas or The C.A.N.O. Method, and/or are not open to change.

  • This program is not for you if you are seeking help for anxiety, depression, alcoholism, or PTSD; need help managing grief from the loss of a loved one; need help for an eating disorder; or need assistance for any other situation which may require the expertise of a therapist.

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